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Co Loa Relief House Project

Co Loa Relief House Project

  1. Location of the project: Co Loa - Dong Anh - Ha Noi
  2. Partners receiving aid: People's Committee of Dong Anh
  3. Governing body: People's Committee of Hanoi
  4. Project owners: ( Co Loa Commune People’s Committee or Co Loa primary School) (the organization  charged directly to the management, use of capital funding to implement the party program, project aid content approved by the governing body
    Address: Co Loa Commune - Dong Anh - Ha Noi.


                                          Children in Co Loa Relief House

In 2002 DONXA built a school for disabled children and children with learning difficulties in Coloa Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi. It is a primary school named Coloa Relief House, for less developed intelligence children to study and train physical.

The Teaching and Learning Program is the combination of universal primary school program and specialized program. Studying here is totally free for every student. Annually, DONXA organization has sponsored regularly for Home Relief as 50% of food for lunch, residential, salary payments for teachers and staff-boarding, upgraded facilities and organized donate visits, gifts for students.


Singing performance in class



The school was opened by DONXA with the desire to create a fair opportunity for disabled children to attend school and chances to build up their own bright future.


Playing time


A simple lunch

 After 6 years of operation, the school has been known by families of disabled children in remote places, and they have sent their children here to study. In school- year 2008-2009, the school had a pupil with good test result in grade 4 and he was accepted to continue studying grade 5 in Co Loa Primary School.

Home Relief has become the address for learning and practice of many disabled children in and outside the Co Loa Commune, especially when children are most came from families with difficult circumstances. Relief House Project also shows that advocates socializing the care for people with disabilities in Vietnam are very practical and many domestic levels of society in general and foreign supporters helped.

We are now calling for funding to support Children in Co Loa Relief House with Milk and food for lunch.

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