"Geef een mens een vis en je geeft hem één dag te eten.

 Leer hem vissen en hij zal voor de rest van zijn dagen te eten hebben."


Interesting links

1. Investigate about Vietnam: Let's investigate all the things you'd like to know about Vietnam: http://www.investinvietnam.vn

2.Vietnam culture: Where you can discover many interesting things about Vietnamese culture:  http://www.vietnam-culture.com/

3. A website for foreigners living in Hanoi-where you can find all the useful information for a convenient life in Vietnam's capital: http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/

4. All the things you need to have a good trip in Vietnam can be seen at http://www.vietnamtourism.com/e_pages/news/index.asp

5. If you love Vietnamse language or you like to speak Vietnamses fluently, let's see http://e.maivoo.com/Learning-Vietnamese/13.shtml

6. You want to study deeper about Vietnam? Let's join http://www.lib.washington.edu/southeastasia/vsg/

7. Increadible cuisine and wonderful recipe for great Vietnamese food can be found at :





8. Photogallery about Vietnam can be enjoyed at:








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