"Geef een mens een vis en je geeft hem één dag te eten.

 Leer hem vissen en hij zal voor de rest van zijn dagen te eten hebben."

Donxa Video

1.Video about Charity activity for Donxa on HAMA playday in Justkids International Kindergarten.

This video shows some pictures and the interview with Ms Pham Thi Cuc Ha, the manager of Justkids International Kindergarten. The interview is about a Mid-autumn event at Justkids International Kindergarten and the use of the HAMA beads educational tool.

2. Video about the water for poor people's project in Tho An-Dan Phuong, Hanoi. Each poor family will receive 4 bottles of purified drinking water every month which help them much to improve their life quality:

3. Video bout delivering Tet presents and scholarship in January, 2010


This video is an interview with a FC-Hoang Thuy Linh-CL0006 from Co Loa on the occasion of delivering Tet Present and scholarship in January,2010.



4.Video about School Library Project in Soc Son Nursing and Disabled Children School

This video is an interview with the librarian of Soc Son Nursing and Disabled Children School about the benefits of teachers and students when receiving Donxa's school library.



5. Video about Donxa Upgrading Rehabilitation Room Project in Soc Son Nursing and Training School.

This video is about the Upgrading Rehabilitation Room Project that Donxa is doing in Soc Son Nursing and Training School with the hope to provide Poor Disabled Children a better condition to study and gain up their health. It includes the interview with Ms Luong Thu Huong, the head master of the school.



6.Video about Donxa Cow Breeding Project 2010.

This is the interview with two families in Trung Chau, Dan Phuong, Hanoi when they receive cows from Donxa in Cow Breeding Project 2010.



7. Vídeo about the school library project which was conducted  in schools of Trung Chau-Dan Phuong-Hanoi in July 2009 by Donxa Vietnam:



8. This video is from a Vietnamese TV channel about Soc Son Nursing and Traning School for disabled children. The last part is the image of Donxa Rehabilitation Room Inauguration Day

9. The video of Donxa Rehabilitation Room Inaugurationday in Soc Son Nursing and Training School for Disabled Children.
This Donxa project was possible through the efforts of devoted Donxa volunteers and the kind hearted sponsors Fifty one club Geel, and Fossambel BVBA, both located in Belgium, which provided the necessary financial support to Donxa to buy the rehabilitation equipment and repair the rooms, and ICI Paint in Vietnam who provided the paint to repaint the whole outside of the school and the inside of 2 rooms including the rehabilitation room.




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