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Everyone has a destiny- Calling for help from the community


People in Hoang Ha Commune (Hoang Hoa Distric- Thanh Hoa Province) mainly do farming and traditional carpentry and they primarily base on farming. Local transport is inconvenient as well as exchanging good is limited so their life is very difficult. In spite of difficulties, Hoang Hoa’s people possess long traditional of hospitality and patriotism. Many poor students overcome the difficulties to study well and after getting success they come back to build up their hometown. But somewhere in daily life, their parents have to work hard to earn money for children to go to school. There are many pupils who are fond of learning but due to their difficult circumstances for example large family, parents are too ill to take care of children, it is likely that they have to stop school. They really need the help from community. In front of me there are 24 photographs of 24 children who are in difficulties from Hoang Ha Commune, Hoang Hoa Distric- Thanh Hoa Province. After going to Hoang Ha to investigate children’s information by myself, I had the specific information of them-who badly in need of support from community.

When I took a glance at the photographs, I realize the general feature that, they are very nice but their clothes all seem to be borrowed from others. It is probably due to poor families then relatives, neighbors and benefactors gave them the old clothes. All of those clothes don’t fit for the children because they are too large or too short. The styles are not suitable for age and look like they were “given” by the older siblings. I really felt so sorry for them.One thing caught my attention, except for Thanh Binh-who was born blind; all of other children has bright eyes and strong will to get through difficulties. They like the cactus live in severe desert- always know how to survive in the harshest condition. They are in the age of school, but it is like that they have to drop out because of the difficult conditions. Among them, one has parents who are separated, one has the single mother, one has parents who get health problem and one was born in a large family. Each child has their own circumstance and they really need the help to be able to go to school for long term. Among them, Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh is the special situation (she was born blind). Her family wants to cure her but they couldn’t afford the cost to send her to hospital. I would like to introduce 24 situations of 24 children that really need the material support. We hope that the kind hearted person will open their heart to save these poor children.

Please, click on “candidate children for financial adoption” at the right of the screen to have more details about each circumstance.

Author: Nguyễn Thị Diệp




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