"Geef een mens een vis en je geeft hem één dag te eten.

 Leer hem vissen en hij zal voor de rest van zijn dagen te eten hebben."

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Love without borders

titleFive years ago, most of people in Dong Van commune, Dong Thap province, Dan Phuong province felt sorry for the couple of Le Van Hoa and Le Thi Sim. Their family life was so hard and when the first daughter got brain disease, their life even became harder. “Whether day or night, whenever she had seizure we had been on the run all day to take her to medical aid station” Mr Hoa said. Because they must buy the medicine and one member of the family had to stay at home o take care of her, their life became more and more difficult. When it rained heavily, the small house was submerged. Seeing that, everyone felt sorry for their family.



The image of their house in 2005

Understood the plight of their family, Dong Van People Committee sold a piece of land with the low price. Donxa also understood their difficulties and helped their youngest daughter- Le Thi Huong Thao adopted by foster-mother from Belgium, Ms Fabienne via “Finance support” program. Not only being supported with the cost for studying every semester, Thao’s family was given many extra supports. Thanks to that, they endured hardship in life. With them, it was a great valuable help.

Time goes by, the relationship between Thao and foster-mother became closer and closer. Thao and Ms Fabienne regularly exchanged letters and pictures. She especially has paid attention to foster-daughter and supported Thao with necessary facilities in daily life. Thao was very thankful to Fabienne for loving and giving her a better life. She hoped that she would have a chance to meet Fabienne to express gratitude for her foster-mother.

In 2010, when the price of the land increased sharply, Mr Hòa decided to sell the land to pay the debt and rebuilt the house. He wants the children to live in a nice house. By the efforts of the whole family together with the help of the local, they completed the house at the end of 2011. The happiness seemed to be doubled when Donxa informed that Thao’s foster-mother and her husband would come to Viet Nam to see her in early May.


The new house is more beautiful and spacious.

After waiting for a long time, Thao and her family had met Fabienne and Alain. All the members of the family was so glad and so was Thao’s foster-parents. The distance couldn't stop Fabienne’s love for the foster-daughter.











Together talking and sharing






Thao tried the clothes Fabienne brough from Belgium to her





Thao’s family cooked themselves to treat Fabienne and Alain. They hoped the Vietnamese food would be agreeable to Fabienne and Alain’s taste.


The whole the family gathered for a nice meal.




Sharing happy time together

Till afternoon, Fabienne , Alain and the family went to visit the green field and the pagoda in the village



Visiting the field.


At the end of the afternoon, everyone came back home. Thao’s mother preapared presents for Fabienne and Alain.


Fabienne was surprised and happy with the presents of Thao's mother.


Saying-goodbye is a touching moment, Fabienne cried and said she will never forget this meeting.



Before coming back, Fabienne, Alain and the whole family take memorable photograph.


Farewell but the feeling they have for each other still remains. Fabienne and Alain said that they would definitely return to Viet Nam. They love this country and the sentiment for Thao and her family will never fade.




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