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Dong Thap Water Project for poor people

Dong Thap Water Project for Poor people

06_2011_DW_DongThap_WaterForPoorFamily_P_49From 2006, Donxa conducted the Project “Financial Adoption” in Dong Thap and it gains successful result. Through this project, many poor children can go to school, and many families in difficulties can receive supporting.


According to the FP0154- Luc & Anne-Marie’s request and support, Donxa decided to conduct the project of providing purified water for poor families in the list of “Financial Adoption Program” in Dong Thap Commune (Including families in the list of Foster Children and Candidates Children).  This project aims to improve and upgrade the life quality for poor families in Donxa Financial Adoption Program in Dong Thap Commune.


Donxa Rehabilitation Room Project

Donxa Rehabilitation Room Project-The new Donxa Rehabilitation Room is a dream come true for the Soc Son Nursing and Training School for Disabled Children.



Donxa is a Non-Governmental Organization who provides support for underprivileged disabled children in Vietnam.

Since it’s birth in 2001 the Belgian NGO has worked tirelessly on several projects, predominately focusing on education. Donxa believes that this is a major factor in ensuring children have a brighter future.

In 2002 Donxa built ‘Co Loa Relief House’, a school for disabled children in Co Loa, just north of Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi. The school, along with other specialized schools in Hanoi, still receives support from Donxa.

The ‘Soc Son Training and Nursing School for Disabled Children’ is another example. There are on-going projects such as ‘Milk for Disabled Children’, and the ‘School Library Program’. The children receive a carton of milk twice-daily and pupils and teachers have a new library complete with new furniture, computers and books.


Gifts from happy hearts

Gifts from happy hearts


Opening new restaurants, being promoted, getting married, having new babies, celebrating birthday or wedding anniversary-there are many occasions for people to celebrate and be happy with their beloved ones.  To some people, those are also chances for them to share their happiness to many others who are in difficulties. Their gifts are even more worthy than the real value, because these gifts come from happy hearts-which love to share and expand happiness to people in difficulties. The story below is about people like this.

Sơn La Operation Project-VOVnews

Healing Wounds for Disabled Children


The Charity Checking and Operation Program of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Hospital along with Donxa NGO, (Belgium), are bringing smiles to the faces of more than 60 adults and children from impoverished families living in the mountain province of Son La in Northern Vietnam.

In November 2010 the hospital, in cooperation with Son La Department of Labor-Invalids & Social Affairs and Donxa, arranged the examination and classification of disability of over 200 low income disabled people from Son La City and four districts; Thuan Chau, Muong La, Yen Chau and Moc Chau.

Following these examinations, 60 of the most severe cases were selected for operations. 42 of those selected are children. The majority of patients were suffering from burns, malformation of hands, multiple sclerosis and Polydactyly- additional fingers and/or toes.

The first operations took place in December 2010. 16 children and 9 adults received treatment and operations free of charge. The remaining will take place in early 2011.

A doctor at the Operation of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Hospital assesses a disabled child in Son La


Library Project

A project for humanity

DONXA- a Non-Governmental Organization- has many projects supporting for unlucky people (such as sponsoring full-scholarships for poor students, supporting school equipments, building schools for  disabled and intellectual disabled mentally children, constructing purifying drinking water filter system for schools, taking care of disabled children, supplying medical equipments for schools, etc.) DONXA also developed a project to install school libraries. Below are some introductions about the special project for humanity.



Lately, the Non-Governmental DONXA Organization (Belgium) has cooperated with schools to upgrade current school libraries to new ones which are filled with a great number of books, adequate basic equipments for reading and doing research of students and teachers with the hope of bringing long-term benefit for many people. This is a project of high practical significance, suitable for the need of school as well as the common goal of Vietnam Education.


Fun time, hand-made product and meaningful activity with Ham

Fun time, hand-made products and meaningful activity with HAMA beads in Justkid Kindergarten


smallThis mid-autumn festival at Justkids Kindergarten 1 and Justkids Kindergarten 2 in Hanoi, besides eating moon cake, pomelo, candies; dress-up with beautiful costume, watching lion-dance, dancing and singing, lovely little children here also could play with HAMA beads and have a special chance to do charity.

HAMA beads is a high quality educational toy, manufactured in Denmark, Europe. which helps children build up their motor skills, learn to count, match colours, recognize geometric figures and enhance their creativity. The HAMA product is being introduced in Vietnam the first time during the mid-autumn festival at Justkids.


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