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Donxa receives medal

Chairman of  Donxa honored to receive medal for helping Vietnamese disabled children.

On July 9th, 2012, Mr Roby Bauweraerts - chairman of  Donxa, Non govermental- organization was invited by Mrs Tran Thi Minh Phuong, the chairman of the Ha Noi relief Association of disabled children, to attend a meeting at the office of the Association. At 10am, when Mr Roby Bauweraerts came to the office, all of the members had already arrived. The meeting was honored by the special  attendance of  Mr Nguyen Trieu Hai, former chairman of the Association.

After greeting warmly,  Mrs Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong, leader of the meeting was very pleased to announce that, Donxa had the honor of  receiving the precious award for helping Vietnamese disabled children. The award is truly valuable and it is only given to individuals who have done significant contributions to help Vietnamese disabled children for long time. There are only three people  in Vietnam who got the precious medal and Mr Roby Bauweraerts, chairman of  Donxa, is one of them.

Looking back a long way, at the years Donxa contributed in helping Vietnamese disabled children, it becomes clear that  Donxa completely deserves this noble award. For many years, Donxa co-operated with Hanoi Relief Association of disabled children to do more than hundred surgeries for disabled children in rural areas such as Soc Son, Hoa Binh, to bring them a normal life. Donxa  build and supported for many years the Relief house in Co Loa commune (Dong Anh district, Ha Noi). Members of Ha Noi Association are very thankful and  touched  to know that Donxa keeps supporting the disabled children in Vietnam for such a long period. In addition, Donxa also  has other meaningful projects to help children with education, purified water project, library project, cow project, medical projects in remote areas (Son La district) and  so on. All are aimed to bring a better life for Vietnamese children.




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